Saint Augustine: Faith, Hope and Charity

Saint Augustine: Faith, Hope and Charity

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Saint Augustine: Faith, Hope and Charity

Detoni, Emerson

Mirabilia 11, Time and Eternity in the Middle Ages, Jun-Dec (2010)


Before the God’s revelation, that proposes his salvation project, the human being is invited to answer through faith, hope and charity. Believing, waiting and loving the man place himself into the dynamic of the existence towards to God. More than a set of contents, it is a life path, a disposition, a capability and availability of complying every day “acts of faith”, to place oneself in the God’s Hands with full confidence, hoping from Him the fullness of property and the eternal life. Saint Augustine has deepened the interiority of the faith decision, his connection with the hope and the charity. Everything with a strong suffering towards Christ.

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