Call for Papers: Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Call for Papers: Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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Opuscula is a new high-quality peer-reviewed, on-line journal/text-series published by Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Saskatchewan and specializing in short texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We seek submissions from scholars of a wide variety of disciplines and will include a diverse range of texts, including literature, philosophy, letters, charters, court documents, and notebooks. The goal of the journal is to establish open access to a substantial body of small but complete texts in scholarly editions to researchers and educators.

Our next issue will be published in September 2016.


Editions should generally be based on single witnesses although critical editions may be considered. Where texts are not English, translations may be appropriate but are not necessary. Texts should generally be under 6000 words in length, and each must be accompanied by an introduction in English of approximately 1500 words that provides historical, literary, and bibliographic context and codicological and palaeographic (or typographic) description. New editions of previously edited pieces may be considered but only if there are compelling reasons.

All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process and submissions for review must include facsimiles of any base manuscripts.

For more information regarding submissions or to propose a text, contact:

Frank Klaassen, General Editor
Tara Chambers, Managing Editor
Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
718 – 9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7N 5A5
[email protected]
[email protected]

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