How the borders of the Low Countries changed in the Middle Ages

How the borders of the Low Countries changed in the Middle Ages

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The lands of the Low Countries – today’s Belgium andThe Netherlands – would change both politically and physically during the Middle Ages. Here are six videos to explain how.

First, Lyria Mapping has created this video focusing on the political changes within the Netherlands from ancient times to present day.

Proud&Nerdy Mapper offers this view of the lands ruled by the House of Flanders

EmperorTigerstar offers this map to show the rise of the Duchy of Luxembourg, beginning in the year 1354

EmperorTigerstar also created this map that charts the changing coastline of the Netherlands

To learn more about the Dutch and their land reclamation, please watch How The Dutch Dug Up Their Country From The Sea from History Scope – Avery Thing

Finally, History With Hilbert explains to us difference between The Netherlands, Holland and The Low Countries

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