Book of the Month Club: Alfgar’s Stories from Beowulf

Book of the Month Club: Alfgar’s Stories from Beowulf

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Our next book in the Book of the Month Club will be Alfgar’s Stories from Beowulf, by Edward L. Risden.

Alfgar’s Stories from Beowulf is a work of original fiction by noted medieval literary scholar Edward L. Risden adding to the traditional tale of Beowulf, a heroic Scandinavian monster-slayer. Inspired by the original epic, Risden has created a work of gripping adventure and deep emotion. You can read more about the book from Witan Publishing.

It is available for our readers based in the United States and Canada who sign up to our Patreon page at the $35 (US) level before the end of August. When you sign up through our Patreon page, your payment gets deducted at the beginning of each month. Then we will send your shipping information to the author who will send you the book.


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